I. Introduction

Viet A Group Holdings Co (Viet A Group) was established on 20/10/1995 in the reform period of Viet Nam and in the context of potential crisis risk of the Asian economy with internationally and domestically fierce competition. Viet A Group considers the quality and prestige as the top priority for its development path. Employees of Viet A are gradually building Viet A Group to become a professional and prestigious Industrial Economic Group of Viet Nam.
Viet Ashall give the customers the best, safest, most advanced products which are similar to the products of the world’s leading companies because materials, equipment of Viet A Group are selected from prestigious firms in the world with the advanced, modern  assembly lines operated by highly experienced employees of  Viet A.  Products of Viet A Group shall give customers models which match the local environment – satisfying customer tastes.
The overall quality management which strictly complies with international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are applied right from the input products and during the manufacturing process by Viet A Group. Employees of Viet A Group realize that “Viet A is their family, colleagues are brothers”. One cooperative working environment with continuous trainings to improve their knowledge and workmanship. Viet A Group aims at the action plans “All commitments to customers”, constantly learning customer needs to create the best products, implementing the policy” Customer oriented “. Business Philosophy of Viet A Group Holdings Co is:

“The customer is king 
 Suppliers are co-living
 Human resources are core-being 
 Quality is permanent existing”
All employees of Viet A Group Holdins Co together implement investment strategy. Production and business of Viet A Group are within the framework of State policies and international laws for longevity, sustainable development of Viet A in the beautiful future which contributes to the stability and development of society.