“It is always easy to sing sweet songs to each other” – this way of thinking makes female entrepreneur Pham Thi Loan “good” but also “difficult” when doing QQH.

The tiger tiger (1962), the animal is said to be strict in life, so even though it started to step into the senate four years ago, Ms. Loan left a mark of a sharp delegate at the meeting. school, who dare to speak and speak face-to-face, frankly. 20110314132929_loan1

Being an English teacher, before becoming a member of the National Assembly, Ms. Pham Thi Loan is the Chairman of the Board of Directors – General Director of a corporation with a name and brand with many subsidiaries and vice-directors. President of Vietnam Electrical Equipment Association.

But the story of stepping into the female parliamentary hall also started to be very arduous when 4 years ago, she was in a position to be “pushed naturally” to the candidate’s seat of the 12th National Assembly in 2007 as a representative. block of small and medium business association in Hanoi city.

At that time, despite a lot of activities for the Association, but in the list of 5 people to choose 1 to nominate candidates to vote at that time, the name Pham Thi Loan was completely strange to the leadership of the new term of the Association. So to be fair, 5 candidates must in turn express their own thoughts about what will be done for the Association, for the people of the city if they become QQH.

A Random vote của kiểm tra cho bạn Loan, the owner of Viet A Company, with the highest number of votes và sự phục vụ của thành viên Kinh doanh việc thực hiện với câu hỏi

Không có việc không làm việc cho bạn khi có người dùng không được xác thực với kết quả. Lỗi khi làm việc khi thực hiện hiện thời là một petition false, saying that bạn đã được làm việc làm sạch, poorly với của của husband, family, bought officials.

The application followed her during rounds of negotiations để có điểm đã đóng đã giữ lại một cách trên nó. After that, Hanoi Inspector must take part to sponge. She was selected with 72% of the votes and became the 12th National Assembly.

“Becoming an AQQ is probably fate. The story back then was like a challenge. Just like the Buddha said, in life, maybe I met the Bodhisattva’s goodness, maybe I also met the Bodhisattva’s adversity. challenges and Difficulties.

Ask hard the head

“It is always so easy to sing sweet songs to each other” – that way of thinking makes the female entrepreneur Pham Thi Loan “good” but also “difficult” during the 4-year term as an agency.

These are questions about solving the city’s traffic congestion problem, statements about the Capital planning project, the North-South high-speed railway project, the state budget settlement, inflation and wealth. How state-owned enterprises … The most sensitive issues are put directly on the questionnaire with enthusiastic questions, especially the heads and members of the Government apparatus.

Remembering at the National Assembly’s televised interview at the end of 2010, she was the first “explorer” to heat up the hall with a straightforward question about Vinashin’s ability to repay its debts.
With arguments and calculations of the amount of interest to be paid annually, the risk of double the amount of debt, she is not afraid to ask the Prime Minister why half of the deputies disagree and the Government still funds the Oil Group. gas.

To be honest and straight is never easy. Also because of the “real and straight” way on the parliament, many business partners respect her but also many partners so “hesitate”. Some people also advised her to adjust and regulate that drastic and “straight” way.

But as she said: “My responsibility is to speak, to find out inadequacies, not to agree, to find solutions together. If there is something you dare to say boldly, if you dare to tell the truth, it is sometimes not easy, but if you do not show the truth, will there ever be any adjustment or change? I only regret when I say wrong. Because praise is easy, but I think it is not good to praise each other for a dead end. ”

Incident with “officials”

In early 2010, public opinion also “caught up” about the risks that happened to her during a local field trip and carried out the oversight function of the National Assembly. At that time, about the Dam Dam festival in Phu Lao commune, Lac Thuy district, Hoa Binh province, Ms. Loan realized that there were some shortcomings in organizing the collection of fees, setting up new caves to bring the statue to the church and receiving the application. letters of some households denouncing the commune Party Committee secretary to abuse their power and encroach on public land.

She went to see the commune leader to comment but the leader not only did not continue but also asked the head of the commune police to make her report the work program, lock the headquarters gate, not let her car leave. Because of this, she sent a letter to the leader of Hoa Binh province to propose to correct and handle the behavior of the commune officials who violated the inviolable rights to the QNA and petitioned the local authorities to consider the complaint letter. public for this commune secretary.

But last year’s “social affairs”, as she said, were just “a problem with many headaches”. A 4-year term to make the embankment quickly disappear, but the female delegate said that there are still many concerns, there are still many things that have not been done as a representative for the people, representing the voice of the medium-sized enterprises. and small of the city, even knowing that the position of QBQ has many difficulties of mechanism, of time …

It is the supervision function of the National Assembly that has not yet fully developed, the force of delegates participating in the monitoring is still thin. That is the situation of complaints and complaints of the people that the position of an QQH cannot be solved thoroughly.

“I received a lot of letters a year but only a few of us moved to answer so most people were not satisfied. There are many difficult cases. Policy changes often. The settlement of retroactive issues is still very much, ”she said.

Or, there is still concern about the problems that small and medium enterprises encounter in the process of the market economy is improving, the daily people’s frustrations that she is also a representative, voter into City cares, expects change …

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