(VNR500) – “Our development view still determines that SAV plays a key role but there is now a confusion between the State Economy and the SOEs. This makes some SOEs like” Public Bac Lieu “.

Confusion of keeping the State economy and SOEs
(Ms. Pham Thi Loan – Chairman of the Board, General Director of Viet A Group)

We advocate by 2020 to build a basic country into an industrialized country. But we must determine from our comparative advantage, the foundation of the country.

We are still basically an agricultural country, I think it must be said that “modernization and industrialization of agriculture” is more appropriate to the reality of the country.

Our development view still determines that the State Economy plays a key role, but now I see that there is a confusion, there is no clarity between the State Economy and the SOEs. This is creating ambiguities in the monitoring and management of SOEs recently.

The state plays a leading role in the economy of the country, but not necessarily SOEs.

As on an economic boat, the driver is the State, the captain and the crew are businesses. At present, the private economy is in the majority so why not take the private sector economy to become the main and leading economy of the country?

We are persuading countries around the world to recognize that we have a market economy, but in our policy, it is always determined that there is a part in the economy that is primarily sound and not sound.

This is also turning SOEs into old Bac Lieu citizens, having a lot of assets, spending very comfortably, but his responsibilities and obligations contributing to the overall development of the country are not equivalent. good.

In the meantime, private businesses are struggling to fight. 5 years ago, I found there are good policies for non-state enterprises, but recently they are shrinking, more difficult with the economic crisis.

Manufacturing enterprises are trying to hold back to overcome the storm. Another small part is to do other speculative things like real estate and securities, but less focus on in-depth investment in technology development and production development.

These things when prolonged implications are not good for the long-term development of the country.

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