“The Party leads but must follow the principle for the National Assembly, the Government to discuss, then listen to both the right and the left, then make a decision. If the Party does it, the other institutions will take the form.”

The National Assembly spent 1 day of the meeting yesterday (October 28) to comment on the draft documents submitted to the Party Congress XI.

Delta Pham Thi Loan – Member of the 12th National Assembly, Chairman and General Director of Viet A Group:

Can you say it and then do it?

I do not understand whether this is how our Party University documents often write, but I feel there are many confusing, inconsistent and irrational things between the three draft documents.

As for Platforms, I have many other views, I think we have to think really practical. The platform writes, “The Party must understand and apply wisely, contributing to the development of Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought.” Ho Chi Minh’s thought is natural, but is Marxism-Leninism a guideline, a legal ideal that we follow? It is necessary to review this theory, so it comes from practice, respecting the laws of objective development of society and economy in accordance with the reality of Vietnam.

The documents also have not clearly explained the concept of “socialist-oriented market economy”, there is any conflict with each other, how to develop it. “Market economy” is also in conflict with “the state economy is mainstream”. We should determine the economy of the whole population, including collective economy and private economy, which is the main one, the state economy is the orientation. The state plays a role of managing and controlling all economies, businesses only play a leading role. Ask how many percent of GDP is currently contributed by NN companies, how many jobs are called, and what is the key?

The roles, responsibilities, obligations and benefits of agricultural enterprises must be clearly defined. What the entire economy cannot do, the new SOEs stand up, support, compensate. Must define their roles, assign tasks and have control, determine how they must contribute to society, the economy, the budget with the means they have in hand. There is currently no mechanism for SOEs, so it is difficult to control their responsibilities.

The good thing is that in this document, the realities in the society have been written down, but they say they dare to do it, dare to change

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