Viet A is an Industrial Economic Group specializing in providing high quality industrial products and services to ensure increased benefits for shareholders and communities, bringing life richness in spirit, full of material for staff and employees, to contribute to stability and sustainable development of society.


Building Viet A to become a leading industrial economic group in terms of reliability, quality and efficiency; provide high quality products and services trusted by the world.

Core Values

There is a group of people with knowledge, culture, dynamics, creativeness, efficiency, eagerness to learn, respect and sharing each other for the aim of sustainable development and recognition of “Company is family, colleagues and brothers.
The products and services of Viet A are high quality products and services of crystallization from the intellectual elite of the Viet A ’s employees with advanced technology, production organization processes complies with the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 which is tightly controlled to each stage in detail..
There is a system of reputable suppliers of high quality, competitive price. Always cooperate, respect, share and support each other for mutual development.
There is a system of big traditional customers; Viet A is trusted by the Customer based on good products and services, dedicated to our customers. Viet A has the ability to easily expand and develop client system based on the reputation for quality products, services, brand reputation, corporate image
A moral , flexible, intellectual, high capacity, united leadership always towards community benefits, including attention to the interests of customers, staff and investors (shareholders ); Always have a sense of responsibility to the country and society; Always fully implemented its commitments. Transparency and accountability of the leadership has created the trust of all those involved and easily obtain the cooperation and support from many sides, promoting rapid,  strong, stable growth of the Group .

Business Philosophy
“The customer is king
Suppliers are co-living
Human resources are core-being
Quality is permanent existing”