Unable to subdue to difficulties, so the mistress of Viet A Group – Pham Thi Loan quickly tears when meeting the unfortunate fate. Extreme childhood memories make steel women easy to soften, share difficulties with the community ….

Female Congresswoman of Hanoi City Pham Thi Loan is known as a typical female entrepreneur with a journey to overcome poverty to assert herself in society. With a capital of only nearly 100 million dong, after a few years of operation, with her ingenious steering, she became a well-known female director and corporate owner with over 2,000 employees, 15 employees. company, member units, 6 factories and many representative offices producing and trading electrical equipment, mechanical and plastic products … Born in a big family, 7-8 The mouth of eating only relied on the meager salary of the mother, who had just finished grade 7, and decided to drop out of school to help her mother struggle with her life. It was the same days that I had trained my bravery, not retreating before any difficulties. After two years of hardship, Loan went back to study the last years of her education, her smart capital, so when she returned to school, she got good students and was elected to be the class president.

Bà Loan hạnh phúc bên chồng của mình
Ms. Loan is happy with her husband

Graduating from the Foreign Language Teachers University in English in 1986 with a degree in favor, she was assigned to be a lecturer at the College of Foreign Language Education. But even with this stable job, she still weighed heavily on the question from her early days: “How to get out of poverty?”. In 1989, she decided to leave the lectern to return to Hanoi to work in Packexim packaging import-export company. Here she was sent to the UNDP-funded packaging technology training course in India.

Being educated, being exposed to advanced equipment and devices, Loan is thirsty to apply these technical advances to develop the packaging industry of the country. In 1991, after an accidental meeting with a representative of Hyundai and South Korea, she accepted the job as a salesman for the company. This is the time when she is able to reach her full potential in the business field. Not only the highest sales turnover of the company’s representative office (73%), she also undertook many large projects such as 500KV line with contract of over 50 million USD, Ba Ria – Vung Tau gas pipeline over 70 million USD … In addition, she also participates in sales for other industries such as cement, iron and steel, chemicals and other prestigious devices …

But even if she was given the responsibility, the customer believed she still wondered with a thought: “I’m still making others rich” anyway. Then the idea of ​​setting up a manufacturing facility to supply electrical equipment flashed in my mind. After many days of thinking about the plan, Loan invited his friends and capital and the name Viet A Trading Co., Ltd. was born in 1995.

At first, Viet A was the director of his brother Pham Ho Tuan, and she took care of consulting work to develop the company. Loan officially took the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Director in 1998 when the company confirmed its reputation in the market. The first product manufactured by Viet A is a 0.4 kV low voltage switchboard provided for many projects in Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City. She said: “Once I went on a business trip, I saw that the electric poles on the 500kV line produced by Viet A stood by the road and found it very difficult to describe.

At the age of over 40, she still retains the beauty of beauty and lovingness of a successful woman. But when contacted, people still felt very clearly that there were worries and concerns in her. The concern of a female National Assembly delegate always wanted to fight for equal rights for women.

She said that although there is a Gender Equality Law in Vietnam, the inequality between men and women is still evident on many fronts, especially in business activities. In the current large enterprises, including both state and private enterprises, there are very few women in leadership positions at all levels. Conditions to promote the creativity of female workers are limited, with few opportunities for learning to advance. They are busy with childbirth, raising children, and housewives. The idea of ​​men and women in society is still heavy … That is also the reason why the income of female workers is always lower than that of men. Therefore, in order for women to be equal with men, women must overcome themselves, do both roles – work and family. “If there are two people, one male and one female applied to the leadership position of Viet A, their capacity is equal, we will choose the female candidate. This is one of many ways for us to create gender equality, ”said Loan.

She confided: “In the market many people call me a steel woman but in fact like many other women I am still soft, easy to touch. I dare not look when I see an accident happen on the road, even cried when watching an emotional movie, the character fell into a gloomy situation “.

Currently, her work is less difficult than before. She revealed that the decentralization of rational authorization and advanced software applications, management through online forms should also save time. Therefore, she can still “split” as vice president of Vietnam Electrical Equipment Association, at the 12th National Assembly. “Actually, I currently spend 30% of my time on business management, the remaining 70% of the National Assembly time, the Industry Association and the family,” she said.

In particular, the dense work, the National Assembly schedule is closed all week but she still arranges time for poetry. Her poetic talent and storytelling ability are admired by many colleagues. “I like to listen to the song” Double Mountain “she soaked. The voice is inspiring and very lyrical, ”said Mai Thanh Tung, her colleague.

Mr. Tung said that although he was dubbed the steel woman, she sometimes softened unexpectedly weak moments. He remembers most times participating in charity to support the flood victims in the Central region, personally paddling in the flood and storm area to support the poor. “Seeing that many people did not escape the flood, she rushed out and cried like rain. I never looked so weak,” Tung recalled.

Looking at her, no one thought that this beautiful woman had spectacular breakthroughs to overcome obstacles. These are insomnia nights when the market fluctuates in price, tax policy changes frequently, customers do not like domestic products that make finding work difficult … Tired, there are already when Loan wanted to surrender everything, but then the poor memory pushed again, she rekindled herself. The secret to her success is to build a corporate culture in which employees love each other as a family.

She conceived: “Culture is beauty, the soul of an enterprise and people is the core factor that brings true values ​​of the business”. Therefore, in Viet A, workers are educated with awareness. “The company is a family and a colleague is a brother.” “Customers are gods, friends are long-lasting, human is the source, quality is eternal ”.

For Ms. Loan, the woman who is in any position still needs a family. All glory will be useless if family values ​​are overlooked. No matter how tough and brave women are, they are still women who need to be shared and families are always the most important support. “For me, caring for my parents, husband and children and relatives is the duty and responsibility and is indispensable. Time spent with relatives always makes me feel at ease and have a feeling of happiness,” she said.

2008 was a pretty impressive year for her. In the general economic downturn, she still drives a successful company. Despite the difficulties of the economy, crisis, inflation, Vietnam Asia still grew by 30% and personnel increased by 10%. When it comes to family homes, her eyes light up the hard-to-describe happiness, both husband and wife are entrepreneurs, so the joy is multiplied, the burden of worries is halved. For her, the happiest is seeing her children grow up. The eldest son is studying abroad in London, the youngest son is studying the fashion design of a school affiliated with Australia.

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